How to do theuje

“theuje” is a team collaboration and feedback tool for website and design projects. It allows team members to click on parts of an image or a website and leave a comment. All comments are collected in a dashboard on theuje, so the project leadership team can address and resolve issues. Finally, the client lead will use theuje tool to approve the final versions of the project.

If you have received an email asking you to comment on a project. Follow the instructions in the email and click the project access link URL to the project. Once there, click the comment button in the toolbar and then click on the item you want to comment on. You will be guided through the steps on the screen.

If you are one of the project stakeholders and wish to get access to the project dashboard, or want to add another person to your team, click the button above to request access.

If you want to try theuje DEMO… we have one.